Fritz J. Bernardin tradui 29 janvye 2018

Samedi 20 janvye a, Fritz ake'm te kwaze zanmi nou; avoka dwa imigrasyon e pwofesè. Nou te ale nan kafou 72yèm ri e Santral Pak Wès kote nou t'ap pale de tout manifetasyon nou ale ansanm depi jou Prezidan Trump te monte sou pouvw...

Three and a half years ago I left a PhD program that wasn’t a good fit. It came as a shock and it took every bit of strength to believe I could find my next path. I took a job teaching at a middle school and was then assigned to build an education partnership program i...

Fritz J. Bernardin tradui nan dat 26 janvye 2018

Jedi dènye (19 janvye 2018), lè nou te demaske prezidan Donald Trump pou atitid rasis li avèk tout remak malveyan li te fè sou Afrik e sitou Ayiti, kote li rele yo «twou latrin»; sa fè nou sonje ke n'ap fè travay sa n'ap...

Helpers and Healers are not restricted to an elite few who have been resisting daily--let's train leaders in the non-helping and healing professions how to empower and resist regularly--not just once a year.

Last Thursday, when President Donald Trump was outed for his racist

and xenophobic remarks about African countries and Haiti being "*hole" countries, we were reminded we do the work that we do. President Trump's words were racist--further evidenced by his longing for No...

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